Workday HCM Implementation – Risk Mitigation

Client: Real Estate / Facilities Management Company

Client Situation

The AddVantage Group was engaged by a global commercial real estate and facilities management company to help ensure that their sequenced Financials and HCM systems implementations were executed with minimal impact to the business:

  • Production systems with the same business function were running in parallel, creating high risk of data discrepancies and duplication
  • During this interim period, mission-critical systems and business functions were still dependent on legacy systems that were no longer the “system of record”
  • The risk of financial misstatement, incorrect human resources data and resulting payroll was significantly increased
  • Numerous stakeholders, dependent organizations and external service partners greatly complicated the process

Our Approach

  • Defined and documented the scope, gaps and impacts to the HR, Financials and Payroll functions resulting from the interim period between the implementation dates of the various ERP systems
  • Defined and validated the process to extract required data from the systems of record as of applicable dates, and to translate to and update the client’s current state financials ERP system to ensure that financial transactions were executed successfully with all the necessary data
  • Led a project to design, validate and execute a temporary, automated solution to enable minimal impact to the critical business processes during the interim period
  • Developed an integration plan including dependencies and coordinated team activities as necessary among the multiple work steams and organizations
  • Led development of job aid and detailed process documentation, to ensure that the end-to-end processes were executed seamlessly during the interim period
  • Established a dedicated team that was equipped to resolve any data discrepancies beginning on Day One of the interim period


  • Automated system data synchronization, run on a scheduled basis with minimal errors, from day one of the interim period between go live dates
  • Process improvements that increased the accuracy of the company’s employee records
  • Increased accuracy of financial, human resources and payroll calculations and balances during the interim period
  • Zero service impact to the company’s clients