Completed Projects:
Operations & Strategy

Our completed projects include strategic initiatives to improve our clients’ productivity and profitability.  This includes a diverse range of projects focusing on everything from operational efficiencies, business integration and evaluating options, to reguatory compliance and quality assurance.


Our consultants are prepared to assist with a wide range of projects, from a single initiative to enterprise level projects. From the rich and diverse experience in our group, we can strategically build a team that is tailored for your engagement.


Material-to-Inventory: Productivity Review
Material-to-Inventory: Master Data Optimimzation
Material-to-Inventory: Master Data Conversion
Integrated Supply Chain: Master Data Management Strategy
SAP MRO Conversion Project
Plant Maintenance Process Optimization
Business Unit Buy Strategy Project
Change Management and Training: Mobile Strategy
Change Management: IT Infrastructure Outsourcing
Regulatory Compliance Tracking Solution Implementation
Outsourcing Negotiation: Planning Framework Development

Business Unit Supplier Analysis
M&A Supply Chain Integration
SAP: Enterprise MDM Implementation
SAP: Enterprise APO Implementation
SAP: Enterprise RTR Implementation
SAP: Enterprise FSCM Implementation
SAP: Enterprise OTC Implementation
SAP: Enterprise STP Implementation
SAP: Enterprise MM Implementation
SAP: Enterprise eWM Implementation
SAP: External Manufacturing BOM Requirements

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